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Valhalla Falls - Dale Blood; 1

Bartholomew Dale is the head of another ancient bloodline from the old world transplanted to the sleepy town of Valhalla Falls. Reclusive and shy, Bartholomew moved to the town with his sister Patricia and her young son Cornelius, hoping to escape and save what is left of his family from the town’s folk never ending suspicions, malicious gossip, and rumors about his family. After the latest wave of vandalism to his estate by what his father Vlacq Dale called ‘peasants,’ Bartholomew packed up his clan and left the old world for the new. At least in Valhalla Falls people don’t chase their neighbors with torches and pitch forks.

Note: Bartholomew Dale is not my sim. I can’t remember who made him, but if you know who his creator was please shoot me a note so that I can direct others who may want him to the creator. I recently downloaded him from somewhere on tumblr, I think.

Patricia and Cornelius are my sims. I created this family for Bartholomew to play him in Valhalla Falls. I also altered Bartholomew eye’s (from the vampire red he came with to purple, I left the fangs) and slimmed his nose to my liking and for the purposes of my game.
Tags: dale blood, sims 2, ts2, valhalla falls
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