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Valhalla Falls - Goth Land; 1

Samuel and Olivia Goth have come to Valhalla Falls to establish a branch of the famous family in the local town. Rich and well connected to important circles back in the old town, the Goths have wasted no time in cementing themselves as power players with the local government. Samuel is climbing the political ladder and has mayoral ambitions he’ll no doubt achieve. When you’ve got the kind of money and clout that the Goths have enjoyed for generations, it’s not surprising that a Goth will ride the big desk at City Hall. Olivia, feeling confident in her husband’s ability to secure their social standing in Valhalla Falls’ high society, has allowed herself to become pregnant. She was hoping for an heir to pass on the family name, but instead gave birth to beautiful twin girls, Helena and Antigone. Samuel was very pleased with the birth, and secretly not concerned for the family name potentially not being passed on through this round. Olivia is young and they could try for a boy when the girls get a little older. For now Samuel is pleased to be the first to become a father in town this season.

Note: Samuel and Olivia Goth are NOT my sims. They are from DeeDee-Sims. I aged Samuel from elder to adult because besides the age difference between Mortimer and Bella (in ts2), I really don't care to be repeating the stereotypical "May-December" relationships that seem to permeate the various sims stories. My Olivia just isn't a gold-digger and I wanted Samuel to be in the same age range as her. You can find them here: [ X ]

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