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Valhalla Falls - Goth Land; 2

Samuel’s sister, Minerva, is looking to secure her standing in high society as well. As a Goth, she knows she has much to offer a potential suiter – and there aren’t many of those in Valhalla Falls; only three to be exact. She has been introduced to Luke Darksun, Bartholomew Dale, and Malcolm Landgraab IV. Of these wealthy bachelors, Malcolm seemed to take an interest in her, a serious interest, which suits Minerva just fine. She likes the real estate mogul far better than the other two potentials, and besides Malcolm’s family has been in the new world a few generations now and the Landgraabs are as known in the local towns just as much as Goths are. If only Minerva could be sure that Malcolm really wants her as much as she wants him.

Note: My “Minerva Goth” is of my creation and has NO story-line connection to the Minerva Goth already in the Sims (see below - I forget which version: 1, 3, 4 … ?) in Midnight Hollow. DeeDee-Sims has that Minerva Goth available for download here: [ X ]

Tags: goth land, malcolm landgraab iv, minerva goth, ts2, valhalla falls
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