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Valhalla Falls - Dale Blood; 4

Despite things having gone really well with Bianca Darker, Bartholomew hasn’t settled for anyone woman in particular, preferring to play the field a bit. This is stressing his sister Patricia, who insists that Bartholomew frequent women of equal standing and not those of lesser means (like Jill Fleis and Virginia Menon) who could end up being ‘gold diggers’ taking away from what is left of the family’s coffers rather than putting into it. Patricia, understandably, is concerned. She has a son herself, and would rather see her boy Cornelius inherit the family fortune rather than an illegitimate product of one of her brother’s trysts. These local women, with no lineage, not to mention the inappropriate fixation Bartholomew has with the new maid, are beneath the family’s old standards; and furthermore, may not be accepted by those in their new high society circle. Patricia reminds her brother of his standing and the possible consequences of any carelessness on his part. If these women are only play things to him, then he should take care with whom and HOW he plays.

Tags: dale blood, sims 2, ts2, valhalla falls
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