Valhalla Falls - Dale Blood; 4

Despite things having gone really well with Bianca Darker, Bartholomew hasn’t settled for anyone woman in particular, preferring to play the field a bit. This is stressing his sister Patricia, who insists that Bartholomew frequent women of equal standing and not those of lesser means (like Jill Fleis and Virginia Menon) who could end up being ‘gold diggers’ taking away from what is left of the family’s coffers rather than putting into it. Patricia, understandably, is concerned. She has a son herself, and would rather see her boy Cornelius inherit the family fortune rather than an illegitimate product of one of her brother’s trysts. These local women, with no lineage, not to mention the inappropriate fixation Bartholomew has with the new maid, are beneath the family’s old standards; and furthermore, may not be accepted by those in their new high society circle. Patricia reminds her brother of his standing and the possible consequences of any carelessness on his part. If these women are only play things to him, then he should take care with whom and HOW he plays.

Valhalla Falls - Dale Blood; 3

Bartholomew Dale met Bianca Darker and invited her over for a visit, which went far better than he expected it too. He found her charming and charismatic, easy to get along with; and she didn’t seem to mind his ‘fangs.’ She was unafraid to get close and ‘play,’ and Bartholomew took the opportunity to get as close to her as he hadn’t been with anyone in a while. This prospect, unlike Kaylynn, could be a more serious one; and Bartholomew was already missing Bianca before she even gave him the evening’s last kiss goodbye.

Valhalla Falls - The Pleasant Life; 5

Things are going really well for Angela Pleasant at the new school. The usually shy twin seems to be getting along with her new classmates and making friends even faster than her sister; not that it’s a competition, but… Angela’s newest friend, Cornelius Dale, is also a new transplant to Valhalla Falls, and that seemed to have made it easier for the two to connect. They share a love of dancing and seemed unafraid to dance in front of the other kids. Cornelius was a gentleman with Angela, just like his uncle Bartholomew.

Valhalla Falls - Goth Land; 2

Samuel’s sister, Minerva, is looking to secure her standing in high society as well. As a Goth, she knows she has much to offer a potential suiter – and there aren’t many of those in Valhalla Falls; only three to be exact. She has been introduced to Luke Darksun, Bartholomew Dale, and Malcolm Landgraab IV. Of these wealthy bachelors, Malcolm seemed to take an interest in her, a serious interest, which suits Minerva just fine. She likes the real estate mogul far better than the other two potentials, and besides Malcolm’s family has been in the new world a few generations now and the Landgraabs are as known in the local towns just as much as Goths are. If only Minerva could be sure that Malcolm really wants her as much as she wants him.

Note: My “Minerva Goth” is of my creation and has NO story-line connection to the Minerva Goth already in the Sims (see below - I forget which version: 1, 3, 4 … ?) in Midnight Hollow. DeeDee-Sims has that Minerva Goth available for download here: [ X ]

Valhalla Falls - Goth Land; 1

Samuel and Olivia Goth have come to Valhalla Falls to establish a branch of the famous family in the local town. Rich and well connected to important circles back in the old town, the Goths have wasted no time in cementing themselves as power players with the local government. Samuel is climbing the political ladder and has mayoral ambitions he’ll no doubt achieve. When you’ve got the kind of money and clout that the Goths have enjoyed for generations, it’s not surprising that a Goth will ride the big desk at City Hall. Olivia, feeling confident in her husband’s ability to secure their social standing in Valhalla Falls’ high society, has allowed herself to become pregnant. She was hoping for an heir to pass on the family name, but instead gave birth to beautiful twin girls, Helena and Antigone. Samuel was very pleased with the birth, and secretly not concerned for the family name potentially not being passed on through this round. Olivia is young and they could try for a boy when the girls get a little older. For now Samuel is pleased to be the first to become a father in town this season.

Note: Samuel and Olivia Goth are NOT my sims. They are from DeeDee-Sims. I aged Samuel from elder to adult because besides the age difference between Mortimer and Bella (in ts2), I really don't care to be repeating the stereotypical "May-December" relationships that seem to permeate the various sims stories. My Olivia just isn't a gold-digger and I wanted Samuel to be in the same age range as her. You can find them here: [ X ]

Valhalla Falls - Dale Blood; 2

Bartholomew Dale has struck a friendly tryst with the new maid, Kaylynn Langerak, and he is having a lot of fun with the beauty. Ms. Langerak does have a reputation for flirting with rich (and not so rich) guys and Dale knows that she is involved with several well-healed men two towns over where she originally resides. On one occasion he let this knowledge slip and crushed the hot maid’s dream of landing her rich prince charming, to which she was not amused. There no telling at this point if she’ll continue the relationship with Bartholomew or accept that this was just a passing fling.

Valhalla Falls - Dale Blood; 1

Bartholomew Dale is the head of another ancient bloodline from the old world transplanted to the sleepy town of Valhalla Falls. Reclusive and shy, Bartholomew moved to the town with his sister Patricia and her young son Cornelius, hoping to escape and save what is left of his family from the town’s folk never ending suspicions, malicious gossip, and rumors about his family. After the latest wave of vandalism to his estate by what his father Vlacq Dale called ‘peasants,’ Bartholomew packed up his clan and left the old world for the new. At least in Valhalla Falls people don’t chase their neighbors with torches and pitch forks.

Note: Bartholomew Dale is not my sim. I can’t remember who made him, but if you know who his creator was please shoot me a note so that I can direct others who may want him to the creator. I recently downloaded him from somewhere on tumblr, I think.

Patricia and Cornelius are my sims. I created this family for Bartholomew to play him in Valhalla Falls. I also altered Bartholomew eye’s (from the vampire red he came with to purple, I left the fangs) and slimmed his nose to my liking and for the purposes of my game.

Valhalla Falls - Darksun Legacy; 1

Luke Darksun is the last living descendant of the famed hero Lubbok Darksun. Since those ancient days of his ancestor’s exploits the family has enjoyed the benefits of Lubbok’s good name. They were powerful and popular in the old world; and like all the old lineages through the ages, they dwindled to a few members in the clan, until finally, there is only one – Luke. Can he carry on the legacy and return his family name the fame it once enjoyed? Will Valhalla Falls be the place where it happens, again, for the Darksun legacy?